The innovative Power Offers platform extends the proven performance of card-linked offers to the brand and product level. It marries the established rewards infrastructure of its credit card partners with its proprietary product rules engine and its targeting database to match products, consumers and transactions to enable powerful, effective promotions.

Precise Targeting

Reach millions of opt-in consumers and target your campaign to the right shoppers based on key demographics, past purchasing behavior and location at the zip-code level.

Direct Communication

Employ email, direct mail, mobile and social channels to deliver detailed product messaging that will resonate with consumers and stimulate purchase decisions.

Motivating Offers, Simple Redemption

Use the proven vehicle of cash-back rewards to provide offers that will activate shoppers, whether it's dollars-off, free financing or a bundle deal. Feel confident that shoppers will act since there are no coupons to clip or offer codes to remember.

Measurable Success

Increase the ROI of your campaign by only spending to reach the shoppers who have the potential to become your best customers. Plus close the loop on performance with measurable response rates and deeper insight into which consumers respond most to your product offer.