Today, the challenges faced by your credit and debit card businesses are significant and growing. How do you maintain the loyalty of your customer base and their card usage rates when everyone seems to have loyalty, rewards and now card-linked merchant offer programs too? Power Offers may be just the solution you’re looking for.

Power Offers is the only card-linked offer platform designed specifically to enable SKU-level card-linked offers. When you combine this capability with your deep consumer data, you’ll be able to offer highly relevant, compelling offers to your customers that drive sales and increase basket sizes, bringing you more transactions and more revenue.

According to ComScore, more than 1/3 of consumers choose which credit card to use
for a specific transaction in order to maximize rewards.

By creating offers that are dependent on specific shopping behaviors rather than high overall spending thresholds, and providing them to the right consumers, you’ll see improved response rates on offers, garnering greater loyalty from your customers, improved card usage rates, and a more valuable promotion tool that will entice merchants to participate.

Find out how to get started with Power Offers today.